An analysis of dantes inferno hell circles

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Dante’s Inferno Summary

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Dante's Inferno Analysis

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Analysis of Dante's Inferno Essay example - In Dante’s Inferno, Dante is taken on a journey through hell. On this journey, Dane sees the many different forms of sins, and each with its own unique contrapasso, or counter-suffering.

Sep 26,  · Dante conceives his Hell as a medieval city, but its topography is inverted. It is la città dolente (the sorrowing city), but it is without the happy dolor of fond memory one can find in The Aeneid.

Dante is the hero, who loses his way in the “dark woods” and journeys to nine regions arranged around the wall of a huge funnel in nine concentric circles representing Hell. He is led by the ghost of Virgil, the Roman poet, who has come to rescue Dante from the dark forest and lead him through the.

Analysis. It is clear that Dante’s Inferno summary is about Dante living a life of sin. He has strayed from the right path. Dante represents the minority of the society, i. e., the politicians, the clergy, the lovers, the scholars, etc. These people are all assembled and punished.

It begins when Dante is. Dante, Inferno Throughout the epic poem Inferno, Dante the Pilgrim travels in the different circles of Hell told by Dante the Poet. The story examines what a righteous .

An analysis of dantes inferno hell circles
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