An analysis of nuclear proliferation

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Articles on Nuclear proliferation

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We have tried previously that reliance on this strategy is becoming seriously hazardous. The renewed interest in nuclear energy and the international growth of nuclear electricity generation do not equate – and should not be equated -with increasing proliferation risks.

Indeed, the nuclear renaissance presents a unique opportunity to enhance the culture of non-proliferation. Nuclear proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons, fissionable material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information to nations not recognized as "Nuclear Weapon States" by the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), commonly known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty or.

Mar 07,  · The second step is the realization that continued reliance on nuclear weapons as the principal element for deterrence is encouraging, or at least excusing, the spread of these weapons, and will inevitably erode the essential cooperation necessary to avoid proliferation, protect nuclear materials and deal effectively with new threats.

Nuclear proliferation

This report describes how, based on an evaluation of historical trends in nuclear technology development, conclusions can be reached concerning: 1.

The length of time it takes to acquire a technology 2. The length of time it takes for production of special nuclear material to begin 3. The type of approaches taken for acquiring the technology. • enhanced analysis of nuclear materials and activities. By enhancing the analysis of safeguards-relevant information, the IAEA seeks to provide early warning of possible nuclear-related activities that are inconsistent with a state's peaceful-use obligations.

May 02,  · Beyond the Iran deal: nuclear proliferation is a myth Arash Heydarian Pashakhanlou, University of Bath Fears that nuclear weapons would pop up .

An analysis of nuclear proliferation
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