An analysis of to a skylark as a typical romantic poem

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To a Skylark

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Shelley's Poems

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To a Skylark by Percy Bysshe Shelley: Summary and Critical Analysis

My own path led me to a Christlike sage whose beautiful life was chiseled for the ages. To a Skylark by Percy Bysshe Shelley: Summary and Critical Analysis Shelley being one of the greatest romantic poets of early nineteenth century was an uncompromising rebel.

He continued his struggle for the cause of individual liberty, social justice and peace. He wished to bring social reforms by his inspiring and courageous works of literature.

Skylark is a typically romantic poem due to the use of language and feelings expressed in the poem. The title 'To a Skylark ' is typically romantic as the poem is wrote directly to a bird. The references to time, height, heaven and the poet himself are also typically romantic.

Even the happiest of human songs, like a wedding song (“Chorus hymeneal”), does not compare to the song of a skylark.


The song of the skylark, rather than the skylark itself, is what holds all the power. As the skylark flies higher and higher, the speaker loses sight of it, but is still able to hear its “shrill delight,” which comes down as keenly as moonbeams in the “white dawn,” which can be felt even when they are not seen.

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An analysis of to a skylark as a typical romantic poem
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