An analysis of winfield scotts anaconda plan

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Anaconda Plan

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The Anaconda Plan was the initial Civil War strategy devised by General Winfield Scott of the U.S. Army to put down the rebellion by the Confederacy in Anaconda Plan Contributed by Brendan Wolfe The Anaconda Plan was the nickname attached to Lieutenant General Winfield Scott 's comprehensive plan to defeat the Confederacy at the start of the American Civil War (–).

Source Anaconda Plan Seasoned year-old General-in-Chief Winfield Scott, commander of the U.S. Army sinceoutlined a plan below to strangle the Confederacy by taking control of the Mississippi and enforcing a coastal blockade. The Anaconda Plan was General Winfield Scott's strategic plan to blockade and cut off the Confederacy from the outside world.

It was a slow way of defeating the South, casualties during the Civil War would have been greatly reduced if the plan had worked as originally designed. The Anaconda Plan is the name applied to a U.S. Union Army outline strategy for suppressing the Confederacy at the beginning of the American Civil War.

Anaconda Plan

Proposed by Union general-in-chief Winfield Scott, the plan emphasized a Union blockade of the Southern ports, and called for an advance down the Mississippi River to cut the South in two.

The Anaconda Plan was the popular name given to a strategy employed by the Union during the American Civil War. It consisted of a large-scale blockade of ports in the South, combined with a Federal attack along the Mississippi River, aimed at splitting the Confederacy. The plan was suggested by Winfield Scott, General-in-Chief of the U.S.

Army. It received the name because of its relative .

An analysis of winfield scotts anaconda plan
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