Business planning process diagram funnel

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3D Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint

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Funnel Diagram is a kind of diagram that displays values in their steadily decreasing degrees. In other words, it depicts the progressive reduction taking place in the data when it passes through several phases one after another.

The fifth stage of the process in DMAIC is Control and in the Marketing funnel it is the commit or buy stage. This is where in Six Sigma we document the process and standardize meeting critical to. Free Funnels for PowerPoint. Download our % free Funnels templates to help you create killer PowerPoint presentations that will blow your audience away.

Funnel Chart | Free Funnel Chart Templates Edraw Max is a quick and easy tool to create funnel charts exactly as you need in minutes from examples and templates. Funnel chart is extensively used to represent stages in a sales process and show the amount of potential revenue for each stage.

When it comes to opening up a business, the planning process is crucial to its success.


You should be leaving no stone unturned, and with the 3D Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint, you can be sure that you are discussing every aspect that needs to be talked about.

The Funnel Diagram has often been used in business presentations to illustrate sales and marketing and recruitment processes. It need not be limited to these alone as its stepped structure can be used to represent any kind of linearly progressive concept with a definite end result.

Business planning process diagram funnel
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