Ge swot analysis 2013

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General Electric Company (GE) SWOT Analysis & Recommendations

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GE Aviation - Company Profile & SWOT Analysis

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Ge: Swot Analysis Words | 5 Pages. SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Global recognition & Strong competitiveness Firm operates diversified businesses such as innovation technology, media, financial services and energy infrastructures.

GE is the one of world leader companies in field of development, implementation and product. General Motors Company (further GM) is a multinational automotive company based in Detroit, U.S. The company designs, manufactures and sells various vehicles, including cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, crossovers and automobile parts.

GE General Electric SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of GE General Electric: 1. Aviation, consumer electronics, motors, energy, finance, gas, healthcare, lighting, oil, software etc form a part of its diversified product portfolio 2.

Extensive R&D capabilities with a strong. Moreover, GE’s two SO were outlined based on the Ansoff’s Matrix, SWOT Analysis and TOWS Matrix frameworks (Market Development and Product Development), which are available to GE over the next five years (+) and the results of the GE strategies evaluates the following questions “Does appropriateness reflect in the business objectives?

General Electric (GE) SWOT Analysis Profile. General Electric Company (GE) is an industrial corporation operating in a variety of segments.

General Electric SWOT

Its Infrastructure segment produces jet engines and related parts for use in aircraft, wind turbines, oil and natural gas compressors, water systems, and more. A strategic analysis of GE healthcare GE Healthcare: Company Overview GE Healthcare is a unit of the wider General Electric Company.

It has a global orientation, employing more than 46, staff committed to serving healthcare professionals and patients in over countries.

Ge swot analysis 2013
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General Motors SWOT analysis - Strategic Management Insight