Miss representation analysis

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It's informative and enlightening and will be a good eye-opener for girls and your mothers.

'Miss Representation' documentary review

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Miss Representation

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The media is selling the idea that girls’ and women’s value lies in their youth, beauty, and sexuality and not in their capacity as leaders. Feb 14,  · You can’t be what you can’t see. This is the a quote by Marie Wilson, President and Founder of The White House Project and the tag line for Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary, Miss Representation, a film that looks at the media’s impact on the.

Miss Representation is a documentary about how the mainstream media depicts women, and how that depiction is partially responsible for the reason why so few women hold positions of power in the United States. It says absolutely nothing new, nothing that wasn't splashed all over the news in the late 80s during the height of glam metal music.

Miss Representation Summary Miss Representation Summary The film Miss Representation is an excellent documentary that sheds light on the ideals that have helped to build and maintain a system of patriarchy around the world. This is the thesis set out by “Miss Representation,” a searing documentary directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, an actress, activist, and .

Miss representation analysis
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Miss Representation Review | The Sexual Trivialization of Women in the Media