Supply chain analysis of civet coffee

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This is “The Coffee Industry’s Supply Chain”, section from the book Sustainable Business Cases (v. ). Coffee roasters or manufacturers are the key or focal player in the coffee supply chain. Figure Coffee Global Supply Chain.

From bean to cup: How Starbucks transformed its supply chain

Source: Image courtesy of the authors. The supply chain The supply chain is the sequence of activities and processes required to bring a product from its raw state to the finished goods sold to the consumer. For coffee, the chain is often complex, and varies in different countries but typically includes: growers - usually working on a very small plot of land of just one or two hectares.

It takes a well-run supply chain to ensure that a barista pours a good cup of Starbucks coffee. That's because the journey from bean to cup is a complicated one. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world and reveals a complex and global supply chain with impressionable and immutable dependencies.

In the end, the invigorating effect of the morning cup of coffee is not only the business of the brand printed on the package. The Coffee Bean: A Value Chain and Sustainability Initiatives Analysis Melissa Murphy, University of Connecticut, Stamford CT USA Timothy J.

From bean to cup: How Starbucks transformed its supply chain

Dowding, University of Connecticut, Stamford CT USA.

Supply chain analysis of civet coffee
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The Coffee Industry’s Supply Chain